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Research dedicated to the original Book of Mormon manuscripts, with comparisons to the current edition, and possible source texts.

Compare the coalesced and unedited Original and Printer’s Manuscripts side-by-side to the Current Edition.

Each difference is displayed in RED.

Easily identify variations currently adopted to the Book of Mormon from the original documents.

Explore the coalesced and unedited Original and Printer’s Manuscripts. Due to sparse punctuation, and to aid the reader, the text is divided into sense lines.

This volume is closer to the words falling from the lips of Joseph Smith than any other version of the Book of Mormon previously available.

Many verses in the Book of Mormon parallel the King James edition of The Old and New Testament, including The Apocrypha. This project highlights all matching 3+ word strings.

Matching text can also be found in pre-1830 revelations, Joseph Smith’s history, noteworthy regional news items, and published works.

Update 13 July 2021: Added “ITALICS IN ISAIAH”.pdf Click HERE for access.