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The Musical Wanderings of…

D a n

W e e s

I began playing the piano, as a self-taught musician, when I was 15 years old. About five years later, I began a musical odyssey lasting roughly ten years; recording more than 300 songs in my home studio. Here are the results…

The Music

Festival of the Ages

Cabwebs - 1991 "I was listening to a lot of Carlos Santana at the time I wrote this piece, however, there is nothing that resembles Santana in it.. The title just sounded like a name he'd give one of his tunes."


Cabwebs -1991 "I had a bizarre dream one night, about being trapped in a Taxi with a gigantic spider."


Cabwebs - 1991 "Improvising while using MIDI had it's drawbacks if you were trying to sync the rest of the recording; at least it did for my limited skills. The organ sound in this piece was an accidental result of MIDI trying to force improvised notes into a prescribed space. I liked how it sounded, so I kept it."

Lavender Days

Cabwebs - 1991 "One of two songs from 'Cabwebs' directly related to my Grandmother. She loved lavender, and I recalled the days of my youth, smelling this fragrance in her yard."

Touch and Surrender

Cabwebs -1991 "The title is about intimacy. I'll just leave it at that."

An Hymn

Cabwebs - 1991 "I was religiously active during 1991. This is the musical portion of a hymn I wrote entitled 'Praise to the Lord.' A sort of Christmas song. I always wanted to hear it sung by a small choir. No luck yet."

Laura's Rhapsody

Cabwebs - 1991 "A wistful piano piece for my wife."

Memorable are the Days (When the Salted Crackers were Made)

Cabwebs - 1991 "The title of this song, comes directly from the handwritten personal history of my grandmother. She lived near a bakery, and would often smell treats being made."

Love in the Snow

Cabwebs - 1991 "This is perhaps the oldest theme on the album. The basic melody of this solo piano piece was created when I was a teenager."

The Jetty

Cabwebs - 1991 "As a young boy in California, I would walk my dog out on the jetty just as dawn was breaking, while the fog rolled in and the boats passed by. Perhaps my fondest memory."

City Life

Cabwebs - 1991 "I don't recall much about this piece. My brother wrote lyrics to it, and I'm sure I've got a copy of it with vocals floating around somewhere."

Speak to Me

Cabwebs - 1991 "This was written on a Sunday. I was feeling particularly blue and didn't feel that church was the answer to my depression. I sat at the piano and asked God to 'speak to me' through the keyboard. Such petty requests seem ridiculous to me now."

Missed You...Glad You're Here

Cabwebs - 1991 "This song was written some time in the 80s. It's another one my brother wrote lyrics to. Apparently the music was never good enough for him without his input."

Paired as One

Cabwebs - 1991 "A hodge-podge of ideas, which I'm not convinced play well together."

Thinking of Dice

Cabwebs - 1991 "The sound of vibes and marimbas has always fascinated me. I began to love them when used by Frank Zappa. I was thinking of an old 70s hit by a group name Starbuck named 'Moonlight Feels Right' when I wrote it, since it features the instrument prominently. To me, the feeling reminds me of dice rolling on a craps table."

Audio Delusion

Cabwebs - 1991 "This was the first thing I wrote when I purchased my first MIDI keyboard in 1989. I wanted to experiment with bizarre timings and instruments to see what I could come up with."

Silver Lining

Cabwebs - 1991 "Solo piano improvisation. If you're patient, you'll hear the tiny bell as a silver lining at the end."


Cabwebs - 1991 "I always wanted to do a long, expansive 'New Age' piece; which happened on my second album. This could be considered the precursor to 'The Dream Suite' from Belladonna."

Harmony's Lullaby

Cabwebs - 1991 "The title stands well on it's own. But the story behind it is this: I wrote it for my two-year old baby girl, Harmony. Once it was done, I liked to rock her in my arms with it on in the background."

Cabwebs II

Cabwebs - 1991 "The silence at the beginning is intentional. 'Back-in-the-day' it was common to insert a secret track at the end. This is a startling blend of a fast-paced 'Cabwebs' and 'Touch and Surrender.'"